Jerry's Harness dressage bridle

  • Posted on: Tue, 10/02/2001 - 17:00
  • By: anon
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bridles!!! They are made out of extremely nice leather. It is soft and pliable from the moment you buy it, they hold up FOREVER. The dye has never run or even come off on my sponge. Fits the horse beautifuly and the buckles are oversized and look gorgeous. I do not know about the warranty because I have never had ANY problems with hte 5 that I own. I have the cob, full, and oversized and they have fit any horse I put it on. I believe that they are also known as the Royal Oak and you can get them through the dressage extensions catalog for about 245 dollars. They are pricey, but they really do last a lifetime!!!
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