Lancer's Square Raised English Bridle (by Millers Harness)

  • Posted on: Sat, 01/20/2001 - 16:00
  • By: anon
Last year my old schooling bridle finally fell apart, and, not wanting to school in my nice bridle, was forced to search for a suitable replacement. Being on a fairly limited budget, the more expensive bridles in the Millers line as well as the Edgewood, Beval and other fancy bridles were obviously out. I found the Lancer's stuck in a corner behind a $175 Crosby. Although the leather felt somewhat stiff, I knew Millers had a good repuation and I bought the bridle for the price of $55.90 (a steal for a decent bridle).~nl~~nl~After oiling the bridle well, it softened up beautifully and, aside from the cracks that occur in all lesser-quality bridlework, the Lancers has held up extremely well. I am an active hunter rider who rides in this bridle daily, in all conditions. Except for the occassional wipe-down with a sponge covered in saddle soap- I use Leather New- this bridle requires no maintenence. The only flaw was the cracks in the leather of the noseband and browband, which make this bridle better for schooling than showing. I would reccommend it to all riders who want quality on a budget, because the Lancers is by far the best quality bridle in its class I have ever seen.
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