Bobby's Classic series fancy stitched bridle

  • Posted on: Thu, 01/03/2002 - 16:00
  • By: anon
I bought this bridle off the internet sight unseen. I wanted a nicer schooling quality bridle. I dislike Lancer's immensely,and HDR and HK are too expensive for what you get. I was on a quest and found Bobby's bridles. They make basic snaffle bridles and dressage bridles as well. I choose the "classic" series which is slightly lower quality than the "signature" series. My bridle arrived and it seemed sticky because they are pre oiled, but a good wipe down with Leather Therapy wash did the trick. The leather is VERY soft, very uniform, not plastic or vinyl bonded and the stitching is GORGEOUS (as nice as TOP quality bridles!) I paid $75 for this bridle with reins. My only complaint is the reins are too short. My horse does have a long neck though, so you might not find them short. Bobby's makes X-long if you need them though. I have not seen a better bridle for the money! Bet the signature series is to die for! This bridle fits well, is very attractive and is excellent quality. GET ONE or TWO!:)
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equus now
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