Smith Worthington - Stoneleigh

  • Posted on: Thu, 07/25/2002 - 17:00
  • By: anon
I bought this saddle used from a friend. It was originally custom fit to her wide Tbred and did not fit my narrow Tbred well. Within one week I was able to have the saddle refit to my horse for about $150. The manufacturer prides itself on quality and its ability to resize its saddles to fit almost any horse. The saddle now fits my horse as if it were made for him and it fits me just as well. The original owner had the knee rolls adjusted and I wouldn't like the saddle if she hadn't done that. With the custom knee rolls this saddle is a 10 but the original design would only be an 8.~nl~~nl~The seat is comfortable and secure without being too deep and making you feel like you're "spooned" in the saddle making jumping easy and flatwork comfortable. This is truly an all purpose saddle.
Seat Size: 
Havanah or Newmarket
Duration Used: 
3yr-6mo of hard use
flat and jumping
Frequency Used: 
5 days a week
Place Purchased: 
Tree Size: 
Twist Size: 
Price Paid: 
$1 600.00