Buccas Shamrock Ultra

  • Posted on: Sun, 04/08/2001 - 17:00
  • By: anon
Bought two of these rugs. One for special occasions and one for every day use. They did not last a winter. The rugs were expensive for under rugs. The design was poor. I found that the rug slipped back and it has a buckle hook and eye type in the middle of the chest. A bit like the Horsewear rugs. But there was no material behind this so the buckle dug into my horses chest and caused a sore. This buckle has a velcro strap cover over it and the basically the buckle and strap are too robust ]for the material to which it is sewn. It tears away from the material. I wrote to the manufacurer suggesting that they need to make the dront material stronger but perhaps quilting it. Also said that the buckle needs some padding behind it. My comments were disregarded. They did repair the rug, but despite my only having had the rug a couple of months, they tookd several weeks to repair the rug. More holes appeared in the rug at the first wash. Whilst it was in one piece, it did wick well. But didn't last at all long Fits medium build best. Crap though, so I wouldn't buy it!
Size & Breed/Type of Horse Used on: 
Welsh Cob
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Build of Horse: 
Fits medium build best - medium weight