Trail Rider Ultra & InSpirit Riding Jeans

  • Posted on: Thu, 10/11/2007 - 17:00
  • By: anon
I like to trail ride. I was looking for something more comfortable than jeans, but still looked like jeans. I found the InSpirit riding jeans and they are so cute. The are made from a comfortable ribbed, stretch denim and they fit just like jeans; but they have all the features of my English breeches. They don't have an inside leg seam, and have a full seat. I liked them so much I bought the Trail Rider Ultra as well. They are more like breeches, but have a wider cut at the the bottom of the leg and are great with paddock boots. I don't get the rub marks on my knees and just love to ride now! Plus I board my horse a few miles from my home, so now I can stop at the store on the way home and not look like I just stepped out of the barn.
Trail & Pleasure Riding
Duration Used: 
June 2007
Size of Item: 
Frequency Used: 
2x per week
Variety - all suede seats
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