Sometimes Fate Can Be Very Cruel! eBook

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Sometimes Fate Can Be Very Cruel! 2012 by Raymond Cook is a 184 page eBook story about Arnold and Bonnie Brown, who with their two children, Cassandra, Missy, age 14 and Autumn, almost 5 years old traveled by covered wagon from Independence, Missouri on their way to Marble, Colorado in 1897. A cold hearted rancher kills Arnold and his wife before beating Missy savagely. As the killer carries Autumn towards his cabin, Missy shoots the man with her pa's pistol, but doesn't kill him. Filled with terror, she picks up her little sister and runs for the forest before she's shot in the arm. By the time a couple sees them they and coax them out of the woods they're taken to Marble so a home for the children can be found. The mayor and town council will hold a meeting where all interested families can 'Plead their case' as to why they would be the best family to provide the two children with a loving home. This is my 9th of 17 western frontier eBooks written since 2011. Check out my 184 page Western Frontier eBook for free, visit: duct/sometimes-fate-can-be-very-cruel/ Download Available in (Pdf format) which can be viewed on (PC, ePub, iPad, Nook, Sony eReader & Kindle eBook formats.) Price: $1.99 per download. Instant Digital Delivery.
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