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About This eBook A Journey To Colorado © 2018 by Raymond Cook, is a 256-page western romance story about Andrew McCloud, his wife, Nolita, and their ten-year-old daughter, Caroline, as they journey along the Mormon Trail. When they reach Marble, Colorado, they start a new life in 1891. It was the journey made by thousands of other pioneer families, hoping to obtain 160 acres of good land, under the Homestead Act of 1862. They’d face discouragement, wildfires, dangerous river crossings, rattlesnakes, lost children, drought, tornadoes, dust storms, and treacherous mountains to get over. Families had to buy a good quality covered wagon and have the canvas bonnet soaked in cottonseed oil to make the cover waterproof. Most families brought along everything they owned, so there wasn’t any room inside to sleep. Canvas tents were used to sleep on the ground, though some families brought their mattresses with them. It wasn’t long after leaving Nauvoo, that those families who were bringing heavy furniture or stoves were forced to abandon them alongside the trail, because the extra weight was tiring their horses or oxen. Some families brought along two, fifty-gallon water barrels for the long journey. But this proved a bad decision, because their livestock needed water to drink. Sometimes creeks, springs, or rivers the wagon train came to were dried up, or the water was undrinkable. The more expensive eighty-gallon water barrels were what a family needed to buy. Rattlesnakes were a danger to both people and livestock. Prairie dog holes could sprain someone’s foot. If a horse or oxen sprained its legs, a family could be stranded and left behind. This is the story about the McCloud’s journey along the Mormon Trail to Denver, Colorado. Find out the true meaning of love at the end of this story. This is my 30th of 30 western frontier eBooks I have written since 2011. Amazon allows you to download this eBook onto your PC now. To check out my 256-page Western Frontier eBook, Visit Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FYVKN67/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i28
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