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An Orphan With A Destiny, © 2018 written by Raymond Cook, is a well-crafted and cleverly plotted 197-page story, about six-year-old Katelyn Audrey Grant’s life as an orphan, after her parents, Herbert and Grace Grant, and most of the inhabitants of the town of Marble, Colorado die in a massive Indian attack in 1899. Terrified, and in shock from witnessing the attack, Katelyn has no memory of her parent’s or her birth name. The Catholic priest in Redstone in charge of the orphanage, gave her the name Corin. The following spring, families came forward and began adopting children. The first children to be adopted were boys, because they were stronger and better able to work on a farm. When a couple from Carbondale visited the orphanage and adopted Corin, she was so excited to be part of a family again. But when they returned to their one-room cabin, she was forced to sleep on a blanket on the floor and had many chores to do. If she didn’t do the chores right, she was threatened with being beaten. Frightened, she runs away. The residents of Carbondale cared little for the plight of the orphans in their town. Corin joined the ranks of many other orphans living on the streets, begging for money, working in the fields, drinking from water troughs, and struggling to find a safe place at night to sleep. This is a riveting, deeply moving, story of hardship, tragedy, and survival, for a child so young. Corin desperately wanted to feel loved. Will she find the answers to her past that have haunted her entire life, who her parents were, what her true name is, and ultimately, what she was destined to become? This is my 29th of 29 western frontier eBooks I have written since 2011. Amazon allows you to download this eBook onto your PC now. Download Price: $8.99 To check out my 197-page Western Frontier eBook, Visit Amazon:
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