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About This eBook An Orphan With A Destiny by Raymond Cook is a 392-page western frontier orphan story set in Marble, Colorado in 1891. Herbert Grant and his wife Grace get a 160-acre homestead in a valley. Three years later, their daughter Katelyn is born. In 1900, due to conflicts between settlers and Indians, Herbert took his family to town because of the threat of an attack. Four days later, three tribes attack the town and burn it down. Many children have lost their parents and are orphans, including Katelyn, who’s now six. Traumatized and in shock, she can’t remember her parents or her name. The orphans were taken to Redstone. A boarding house is converted into an orphanage and Katelyn is given the name Corin. Eight months later, a couple from Carbondale adopts Corin but they aren’t kind to her, and she runs away. Corin joins the ranks of many other orphan boys and girls of all ages, struggling to find work, beg for money, find a place to sleep or pause to drink water from a water trough. A one-armed orphan girl named Debbie takes her under her wing. Years later, Corin will watch her friend murdered, and she’s all alone again. An elderly woman named Mary Ellen Woods adopted Corin when she was ten, and she began to live a normal life. Before Corin’s eighteenth birthday though, Mary dies. Mary’s dying wish was for Corin to return to Marble, try to find out who her parents were, and what her birth name was. The town’s sheriff helps her find out where her family once lived and her name, Katelyn Audrey Grant. After Katelyn returns to Carbondale and steps off the train, she sees something odd. Not one orphan is seen on the street. She learns nine orphans have been murdered. She vows to use herself as bait, to lure the murderer out into the open. Without her knowing though, the killer’s now stalking her to make her his next victim. This is my 29th of 29 western frontier eBooks I have written since 2011. Amazon allows you to download this eBook onto your PC now. To check out my 369-page Western Frontier eBook, Visit Amazon:
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